Features and Benefits

Navigate through pesky firewalls, protect your identify, and access location-based restricted content.

Keep your information yours!

Forget worrying about transmitting senstive data over public Wifi hotspots. With support for all of the major VPN protocols, you can rest assured that all of your devices and gadgets can stay protected at all times.

Browse the Internet with confidence, knowing that no one is snooping on your online activities.


A robust assortment of exit locations

Enjoy the benefits of our growing number of global exit nodes. Finding a server close to you provides lower latency and faster loading times while still providing enterprise grade security.

Have a suggestion for a new exit node? Please do not hesitate to contact us - we would love to hear from you!

Catch up on all those shows you've been missing

Access any and all content and services that the Internet has to offer, regardless of your location. Bypass firewalls to be able to play games, access video sites or any other blocked content.

Tunnelr enables users who travel globally (or live abroad) to enjoy a bit of home by accessing content on services like Netflix, Hulu, and the BBC.


Data caps are unfair

Use the service you pay for without worrying about data caps or bandwidth throttling. We don't want to change how you use the Internet, we just want to help you surf it smarter!