How can I cancel my account?

All that is needed is for you to stop paying us monthly. We will e-mail you two days before your next due date, and in the event you don't want to pay for the service, you don't have to!

If you have a monthly subscription, follow the steps listed below to stop making payments.

To unsubscribe using your client portal:

  1. Login to your client portal (
  2. Navigate to 'Billing & Payments' > 'Manage Subscriptions'
  3. If you have a credit card or paypal subscription, you should be prompted with an unsubscribe button.
  4. If you have a Bitcoin/Coinbase subscription, you'll need to login to Coinbase to cancel the recurring payment.

To unsubscribe manually from a Paypal subscription, visit and click:
  1. My Account
  2. History
  3. Sort by Subscriptions
  4. Chose the time period for when you first subscribed
  5. Click “cancel subscription”

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Do you offer bulk account pricing?

Short answer: yes! We don't have any pricing plans in place, so we're open to negotiate with you.

Open a ticket with us and we'll be in contact!

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What payment methods are supported?

We currently accept all major credit cards along with Paypal and Bitcoin. You can either setup a monthly subscription or pre-pay for a certain number of months.

No credit card data is stored on our machines. We use a trusted merchant service ( to handle all the secure transactions for us.

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How do refunds work?

If you are having issues, or not happy with something, just contact us - we'll help straighten everything out, and if we can't, we'll refund your payment.

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