Are any ports or services blocked?

We have been forced to block outbound port 25 (SMTP) due to SPAM. No other services are blocked at this time.

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End-User Privacy

We do not keep login information on any of our nodes, nor do we keep logs of any activity or sites accessed. You can view our logging policy here.

While we strive to offer you the most anonymous service possible, our service is not intended to be used for committing crime either.

We do not share any information with any third-parties. We don't like it when companies share our data, so we certainly won't do it with our own customers.

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What is your logging policy?

We take great pride in providing our users with a privacy oriented service. Due to this, Tunnelr does not keep any PII (personally identifiable information) on any of it's infrastructure. We have gone to great lengths, to ensure that all services are configured to log only the bare essentials that are necessary for troubleshooting service level issues.

Furthermore, we do not perform any type of traffic logging or deep packet inspection.

If you are interested in any further details (either general or technical) in regards to the steps we take to ensure your privacy, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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