Help! I've lost my password!

If you forgot your password, no worries! You can request a password reset by visiting this page.

Make sure you check your spam folder if you do not receive an e-mail within 10 minutes (it usually takes very little time). If you still don't have a resolution, we can reset it for you manually.

Please note:
By resetting your password through the form, you are also resetting the password that you use to connect to our servers!

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Can I share my account with a friend?

While you could technically share your account with a friend, we only allow a certain number of connections at a given time for a single account. You would unfortunately not be able to use the account at the same time.

We can provide bulk pricing and connection amount increases, though you'll have to contact us about that. We're pretty flexible, so start a dialog with us!

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My account is marked as innactive! What happened?

Usually it means we didn't receive a payment from you, so your services expired. No big deal though, you can make a payment and services will be activated immediately again.

If you are unable to use your free trial, it may mean we are throttling trial accounts due to bot abuse. You can contact us and we can get this in order for you.

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How can I reset my VPN certificates?

In the event that you require to reset your certificates, please follow these steps:

1. Login to the Client Portal:
2. Using the menu, Advanced > Reset Certificate
3. Click 'Yes, reset my certificates'

A new certificates will be generated automatically and you will be able to copy and paste this into your configuration files, or download an entire new configuration bundle.

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Can I change my username?

Yes! Provided that it is not in use already, you can change your username through your profile page.

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How do I delete my account?

To have your account fully removed, please submit a ticket to our help desk.

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What are the Tunnelr changes and how do they affect me?

Note: This article is in regards to the upgrade that has taken place 05/16/2014. The purpose of this FAQ entry is to bring our current users up to speed with all the new features of our service. Accounts who have signed up after 05/16/2014 will find no new information in this post.

List of account changes:

Removed the need to transfer to different nodes
- Customers can now tunnel through any Tunnelr exit node without the need to login to the portal and wait for a transfer process. This is especially great because if an exit node becomes unavailable, users can simply switch to another without much hassle. Tunnelr customers can setup different profiles for different nodes, and connect to whichever at a whim.

Combined all protocols into one account with one monthly payment
- There is no single solution for bypassing a pesky workplace firewall or tunneling over a public network. Due to this, we now support a large range of different VPN protocols to allow you to pick and choose what works best for you.

More active connections per account
- We bumped the number of active connections per account up to five, so all your devices can use the Tunnelr service at the same time.

Added support for the L2TP protocol
- The addition of L2TP means more support for more devices. L2TP offers a very simple, easy to setup configuration and a strong encryption algorithm. The best part is that L2TP is almost natively supported on every operating system!

Added SOCKS support

- For users who want to just change their location without encrypting their information (resulting in faster speeds), we added SOCKS support. This is a great option for those who use Tunnelr to access content restricted data like Hulu, Netflix, or the BBC.

New nodes added

- We brought back Zurich and added four more locations, Newark (New Jersey), Madrid (Spain), Paris (France), and London (England).

Bitcoin payments accepted
- Tunnelr VPN services offer anonymity to our clients, and we understood that anonymity can't be done without rethinking our payment options. We now offer bitcoin payments through Coinbase for users who feel more comfortable using digital currency.

Discounts for buying in advance (up to 28% off!)
- We wanted to offer a discount for those who purchased in advance. Save up to 28% per month by buying a year of Tunnelr service.

Support for username changes
- Finally!

Other changes:

- Redesigned the website and portal page for easier navigation
- Brought tutorials up to date (Android, Windows 8 added)
- Added clearer messages when connecting to nodes through SSH
- Better PPTP support
- Overall improved stability, speeds, and latency

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