author Posted by Tunnelr, 2016-12-24

We have been in the process of giving our nodes a minor facelift -- we are replacing older, sub-optimally performing nodes with newer nodes in new locations (and/or in different data centers).

This week - we are replacing the Dallas and McLean nodes!

The new Dallas node will continue being accessible at "", except it will be pointing to a new IP address.

Note that the SSH keys have gotten updated as well. You can safely accept the following fingerprints:

1024 80:4d:7c:f2:49:cc:ad:2e:12:f2:84:cc:5d:63:42:90   (DSA)
2048 b3:4a:bb:4e:06:4c:97:7e:bf:f3:87:38:92:4d:a8:11   (RSA1)
2048 d7:17:37:96:4a:6a:41:b7:dd:12:b1:df:69:fc:34:cd   (RSA)


The McLean node is being replaced with a node in Atlanta. While Atlanta is far from McLean, our thinking is that we've already got a lot of coverage in the NE region of US (NYC and Newark), and it'd be nice to offer our peeps in the SE region a better location to connect to.

The McLean node will remain online for a while longer, but ultimately the DNS for the node will be pointed to Atlanta instead.

SSH fingerprints for the Atlanta node:

1024 d5:42:c8:fd:a2:fc:ee:d5:79:fc:63:c6:91:25:4a:bb   (DSA)
2048 fd:77:08:47:bf:17:c3:94:f6:b0:ce:e2:14:4a:67:5f   (RSA1)
2048 33:e5:86:a3:ae:9d:c8:bf:ee:c3:21:64:08:ed:78:37   (RSA)

As always, you can tunnel out of Atlanta (and Dallas) at any time by changing your VPN configuration - you do not need to download anything from our portal.

We are hoping that you will see less latency and better speeds but let us know if that's not your experience!

Merry Xmas!