author Posted by Tunnelr, 2014-05-17

We are excited to announce that our maintenance has been completed!

Along with the maintenance come a number of new and exciting changes that are available to all existing and new customers.

  • L2TP/IPSEC & SOCKS5 support
  • Bitcoin support
  • Five simultaneous connections
  • New nodes
  • And many, many other changes
We would love to hear what you think - please do not hesitate to open a ticket!

Full list of changes:

Removed the need to transfer to different nodes

Customers can now tunnel through any Tunnelr exit node without the need to login to the portal

and wait for a transfer process. This is especially great because if an exit node becomes unavailable, users can simply switch to another without much hassle. Tunnelr customers can setup different profiles for different nodes, and connect to whichever at a whim.

Combined all protocols into one account with one monthly payment

There is no single solution for bypassing a pesky workplace firewall or tunneling over a public network. Due to this, we now support a large range of different VPN protocols to allow you to pick and choose what works best for you.

More active connections per account

We bumped the number of active connections per account up to five, so all your devices can use the Tunnelr service at the same time.)

Added support for the L2TP protocol

The addition of L2TP means more support for more devices. L2TP offers a very simple, easy to setup configuration and a strong encryption algorithm. The best part is that L2TP is almost natively supported on every operating system!

Added SOCKS support

For users who want to just change their location without encrypting their information (resulting in faster speeds), we added SOCKS support. This is a great option for those who use Tunnelr to access content restricted data like Hulu, Netflix, or the BBC.

New nodes added

We brought back Zurich and added four more locations, Newark (New Jersey), Madrid (Spain), Paris (France), and London (England).

Bitcoin payments accepted

Tunnelr VPN services offer anonymity to our clients, and we understood that anonymity can't be done without rethinking our payment options. We now offer bitcoin payments through Coinbase for users who feel more comfortable using digital currency.

Discounts for buying in advance (up to 28% off!)

We wanted to offer a discount for those who purchased in advance. Save up to 28% per month by buying a year of Tunnelr service.

Other changes:

  • Support for username changes
  • Redesigned the website and portal page for easier navigation
  • Brought tutorials up to date (Android, Windows 8 added)
  • Added clearer messages when connecting to nodes through SSH
  • Better PPTP support
  • Overall improved stability, speeds, and latency