author Posted by Tunnelr, 2016-11-03

Hey everyone!

Our maintenance has been completed successfully!

We feel that Tunnelr is in a much better, safer and more reliable state than it was before.

During this maintenance, we worked on the following things:

- Made the database failover story more robust

- Upgraded all of our backend database servers

- Upgraded a slew of other backend services

- Performed a heavy node sweep and cleanup

In regards to (new and old) exit nodes:

- NYC was replaced - you should see *much* better connectivity

- LA  was replaced with a node in San Francisco

- And.. we have introduced a brand new node in Singapore

SSH Users: Please note that the SSH keys have changed for the NYC node; likewise, the old LA node is now pointing to the SFO node and thus its keys have also changed.

The following fingerprints are safe:

NYC: 2048 df:d2:48:51:cd:49:c5:b7:aa:05:a3:d7:1f:90:fd:26   (RSA)

SFO/LA: 2048 95:23:16:3f:76:60:33:4f:45:3f:ba:8f:cb:ae:f1:05   (RSA)

Lastly, if you use IP's instead of hostnames in your VPN configuration (and use the LA or NYC node) - you will have to update your configuration to use the new IP's for the nodes.




Please let us know if you experience any issues and thanks for hanging in there while we resolved the authentication issues earlier this week!